Trio Pack Fall

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  • Pumpkin Delight carries top notes of orange pulp that is mixed with the strong savor of cinnamon, clove and rum… In the heart, the softness of almond emphasizes the orange note of pumpkin. While in the background the delicacy of a honey and prune cookie with a subtly vanilla flavored, combined with the childish scent of licorice rolls.
  • Dried Fruits has a great blend of pineapple, adding a Sunny and fruity touch, banana which adds a fruity green mellow note, and coconut for a bright milky tone. Dried fruits is mellow and tangy, yet very full of character and texture.
  • By the Fireside is a blend of mandarin pulp mixed with the full-bodied flavour of cinnamon and spices, an olfactory delicacy. The scent is warm and sweet with a hint of pumpkin, vanilla and the amber touch cap off the delicious smelling scent.

3 x 180 ml 84 hours of fragrance

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