Helleborus 6″


  • Bright, filtered light. An east-, south- or west-facing window provides the best light level, although the sunlight must be tempered with a sheer curtain or very light shade to keep the plant’s leaves from burning. Keep out of direct sun.
  • Select a deep pot to provide plenty of room for their vigorous, fleshy roots. Make sure the pot has drainage holes.
  • Hellebores thrive in neutral potting soil with fast drainage and good moisture retention.
  • They do better indoors if the ambient humidity is slightly higher than average. One simple and effective means of raising the humidity level immediately surrounding the plant is to place the pot on a tray of moist pebbles. Add water whenever the pebbles dry out completely. Misting also helps, especially in winter.
  • Fertilizer is key when growing a heavy bloomer such as the hellebore.¬† A 20-20-20 will provide all the nutrients they need to perform well.