Vegetables, Chicken & Bees


Enter gardening guru Carson Arthur, with a wealth of knowledge to have you enjoying homegrown veggies in no time, including:

  •  Gardening guides for every space: from patios to rooftops, and from container gardens to community gardens
  •  Everything to know about sunlight, soil, water and weeding, as well as the right seeds to pick, how to start them and how to care for your plants as they grow
  •  Step-by-step guides for 20 key veggies (including tomatoes, carrots, kale, cucumbers, garlic, herbs and fruit trees)
  •  DIY how-tos for over 15 home garden projects (including planter boxes and plant pest-protectors)
  •  Primers on keeping your own backyard chickens and bees
  •  Plus Carson’s 15 favorite recipes for using garden-fresh produce . . . and much, much more

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